Then and Now: Mashed Up Magazine Covers and Classical Paintings by Eisen Bernardo


Creative and quirky at the same time, multimedia artist Eisen Bernardo’s mash up of famous magazine covers and art masterpieces marries pop culture and art in one unique series.

Aside from being a children’s book illustrator and a graphic designer, Philippines-based artist *Eisen Bernardo* also plays around with various concepts for art pieces. His series titled ‘Mag + Art’ was conceived by sewing together two unlikely media: magazines and classical paintings.

From Boticelli and Angelina Jolie, Manet to Kate Moss, and Esquire and GQ covers; Bernardo’s mash ups offer a classy and cultural ride for viewers and art aficionados alike. The artist’s work is a playful take on art, sometimes even poking light-hearted fun at the paintings. Muhammad Ali’s Esquire cover blends nicely with the altarpiece of St. Sebastian.

Mag + Art Images via Behance

Pop culture is an ever growing organism. Artwork after artwork and mash up after mash up, it is being transformed from one medium to another. Bernardo’s work proves that pop culture can be placed alongside classical art without incident.

The artist’s attention to detail is also one of the factors that make his ‘Mag + Art’ series a big hit. The palette and brush strokes make the magazine covers feel at home in the canvas and paint-ridden classical art world.

You can see more of the artist’s work here.

All information used in this article were sourced from Behance, ViralNova, and Bored Panda.

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  1. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    It appears that the artist behind this series is also a Lomographer. Hats off to you @eisenbernard

  2. eisenbernard
    eisenbernard ·

    Thank you for this wonderful article. :)

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