Tallinn’s Old Town limps


Small alleys, old and thick walls, tons of history, cosy places, friendly hosts and a lot of tourists: that’s Tallinn’s Old Town.

In Tallinn’s Old Town, there is the street called Pikk Jalg (long leg) and there is the street named Luhike Jalg (short leg) right next to each other. The consequence is, Tallinn’s Old Town limps. This is only one of the nice little stories I remember from my weekend trip to Tallinn.

Tallinn is one of the nicest little towns I’ve ever been to. I really enjoyed walking through the old alleys and looking around in the numerous handicraft shops.
You have several options to get a bird’s eye view over the town so that you can get a general idea. The best one is the St. Olav’s Church. After a breathtaking walk up to the church tower, which is 60 metres high, you can see the small alleys, old houses and angled backyards from above.

If you feel like taking part in a free guided walking tour, then you should appear in front of the tourist office at 12.00 noon (every day). Young people, mostly students, guide you through the medieval history of the town and tell some interesting and funny stories, also about the time of the Russian occupation and after that. At the end, you decide on your own how much tip you want to give.

My favorite for grabbing a very tasty lunch, dinner, snack or whatever you feel like 24/7 is “Kaleva Kartul” in the street Suur Karja. There, you get many variants of baked and filled potatoes for only 19 EEK (or a bit more).

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  1. magdalenagabriela
    magdalenagabriela ·

    th gallery's just stunning, makes me wanna visit this place! great job!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ho yeah, gorgeous city in a great gallery ! And the little story about the city is very funny...

  3. furano
    furano ·

    nice gallery!

  4. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    The architecture is so beautiful. The little shops are so quaint! I hope I'll be able to visit a place like this in my lifetime :)

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