Lomo’Instant Tip No. 12 – Make Patterned Portraits!


Can’t wait to get your hands on your very own Lomo’Instant? Learn these cool and quick tricks so you can master your instant camera before it comes knocking at your door!

We’re just warming up with our *Lomo’Instant* Starter Tips. For today’s trick, we’re doing patterned portraits!

Mixing it up with your *Lomo’Instant* is a great exercise to see your framing and shooting techniques right off the bat. Imagine framing and composing your photos and seeing them on instantly film merely minutes after shooting them, isn’t it a great way to learn more about film photography?

For today’s exercise, we’re doing pattern paradise portraits by using the multiple exposure feature of the *Lomo’Instant*. Simply pick an interesting pattern like foliage, graffiti, water or even random shapes and colors for a background then shoot it. Then flick the MX switch and set up for a portrait. Hit the shutter and wait for your photo and voila! It’s that easy.

Of course, you can pair more poses and patterns in your portraits to maximize this trick. The possibilities are endless and so are the impressive results that you can get with every shot.

Happy pattern portrait shooting with your *Lomo’Instant*!

Stay tuned for more Lomo’Instant tips to get the best out of the world’s most creative instant photography system.

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