Then and Now: Famous Guns in Pop Culture by Federico Mauro


Can you identify all of these firearms used by famous pop culture icons and characters?

Fictional or not, these famous guns from pop culture icons are a great catch. Art director *Federico Mauro* focuses on the shooters of famous and even infamous characters throughout pop culture history.

Image via Federico Mauro’s site

Who can forget Han Solo’s space blaster that he used to clear his way through corridors filled with clones or Dirty Harry’s .44 magnum revolver? There’s a good chance that “Make my day” would have not been quite effective had Dirty Harry was carrying just a teeny tiny automatic pistol. On the non-fictitious side are Bonnie and Clyde’s choice of sidearm and the Tommy gun that became synonymous with the name John Dillinger.

Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Han Solo, Dirty Harry, RoboCop, Jules and Vince on Pulp Fiction, Anton Chigurh, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, James Bond, Hell Boy, Jack Sparrow, and El Mariachi Images via Federico Mauro’s site

Mauro’s ‘Famous Guns’ series is a quirky throwback to pop culture’s most iconic shooters that offer more bang for their buck when it comes to name recall. Each firearm is as important as the characters that wielded them.

‘No Country for Old Men’ villain Anton Chigurh was like the evil MacGyver with his cattle stun gun. Imagine the burden of carrying that gas tank along with the hose, gun and not to mention the horrendous bowl cut. That’s pure commitment to being a villain right there.

All information used in this article were sourced from Ufunk and Federico Mauro's site.

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