Paris Through Pentax: A Love Story Through a Viewfinder

2014-08-28 1

The lovely city of Paris never looked so amazing through a viewfinder.

If Paris is the city made for lovers then this video is as romantic as it can get. Captured all through a viewfinder of a Pentax 67 medium format SLR camera, ‘Paris Through Pentax’ offers a quintessential view of the city and its people with a flavorful twist.

’Paris Through Pentax" screenshots Images via Ufunk

The romance and flair of the city was highlighted in a short but sweet video by Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai, film enthusiasts and the creative minds behind advertising company *Maison Carnot*. The video frames the Parisian experience through a fresh, albeit an older form of technology.

Image via Vimeo

‘Paris Through Pentax’ indeed offers an appetizing insider’s view of the city with a classic photography tool as a garnish. Classy on its own, the Pentax 67 seen in the video provides a nostalgic contrast to the modern lives of Parisians. Whether it’s a quick toast of beer at a local joint or a portrait of lovers kissing under the lovely glow of the afternoon sun, seeing life through a viewfinder of a classic medium format SLR is as timeless as can be.

One thing’s for certain, every focus adjustment on the Pentax 67 will tug at the heartstrings of film photography enthusiasts with this short video from Maury and Pai.

All information used in this article were sourced from Fast Company Design, FStoppers and PetaPixel.

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