Amazing Portraits from the Petzval Launch Party Photo Booth


Last week, Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan threw a launch party for the new Petzval Lens. Delicious refreshments and wine were served to guests who were also invited to experience the magical capabilities of the Petzval lens.

Use the star-shaped aperture plates and for a star-studded background

The Petzval's magnificent colour tone and shallow depth of fieldmake it second to none. Combined with special bokeh shapes, these features give photos a dreamy, surreal efffect.

Using light to capture the perfect magical portrait

For you to capture a beautiful Petzval portrait, special attention should be given to the photographer’s arrangement of the lights.

Tips on the light set-up

  1. Pick an indoor site with white walls as your location. White walls allow photographers to use only one light source because white walls reflect the light and thus give out wonderful soft lighting, which is also called bounced light. It projects very soft light on the subject, making it look more natural.
  2. Flash is also a good light source to replace professional lighting. If you have some accessories like umbrella reflectors or soft box, you will be able to create soft lighting which makes the subject’s face more natural.
  3. Get a wireless flash trigger if you have enough budget. A flash trigger allows you to create a different light effect. Therefore, you can make different professional shots with beautiful lighting even during outdoor shoots.

Guests were amazed by the stunning Petzval portraits and they received the photographs through e-mail right after the shoot. Then they shared the photos with friends immediately using the hashtags *#Lomography* and *#Petzval* !

On the Gallery Store ’s second floor, there was a photo booth for people who wanted to have amazing Petzval portraits.

The Lomography Petzval Lens is now available both Online and in our Gallery Store – Sheung Wan. The Petzval Lens is made from premium glass optics and the finest brass. It is compatible with all Canon EF and Nikon F mount analogue and digital cameras. Get your own Petzval Lens today and create your own masterpiece.

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