Midweek Music Video: Heart is a Drum by Beck


In monochrome or not, Beck proves that his music is timeless in this video for ‘Heart is a Drum.’

Straight up, *Beck’s* music video for ‘Heart is a Drum’ is eerily reminiscent of old western wet collodion photographs. A few images from the intro and you can already expect a timeless feel throughout the music video.

‘Heart is a Drum’ music video screenshots Images via YouTube

Aside from the classy black and white treatment, the musicality that Beck was known for is continuously at play. The American singer-songwriter demonstrates his signature style of mixing up different musical influences to create an infectious melody and a soothing rhythm.

Aesthetics-wise, the music video matches Beck’s mellowed and his now pop-tinged approach to making music. The video is laid back but is not without quirky elements and characters that make it stand out. Keep your eyes on the lookout for spacemen playing with the swing.

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