Luscious Bokeh-Filled Photographs Taken with the New Petzval Art Lens


Capture photographs with lovely bokeh in different shapes with the New Petzval Art Lens!

Credits: anaisnni, prabu, gakurou, jules78, antoniocastello & heleddr

The standard swirly bokeh that the *New Petzval Art Lens* is so well-known for already looks amazing in itself. Why not take things a few notches higher and experiment with the Petzval’s special aperture plates in star, teardrop, and honeycomb shapes? As you can see in these samples taken by our Petzval shooters in the community, doing so would certainly give some character to your photographs!

The *Petzval Special Aperture Plates* is now available for separate purchase! Head to the Online Shop to get yours!

written by chooolss on 2014-08-26 #lifestyle #bokeh #gallery-post #new-petzval-art-lens #special-aperture-plates

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