LomoKino Short Film 'L’eternité (Eternity)' Screens in European Film Festivals

2014-08-26 2

“L’eternité (Eternity)” by Patrick Müller (@pmueller) finally makes it from the Lomography community to a couple of Europe’s well-known film festivals!

Last month saw the exhibition of the film poem “L’eternité (Eternity)” by previous LomoKino LomoAmigo *Patrick Müller* (a.k.a. *pmueller*) at the *12th International Signes de Nuit* held at Berlin’s Babylon Cinema. In an e-mail to Lomography, Müller said that “Eternity” was included in the out-of-competition section Deutsche Irrlichter (short films from Germany) along with seven others.

“L’eternité (Eternity)”

“Eternity,” which was selected after Müller sent it to the festival via the online platform Reelport, will also be screened in Paris when Signes de Nuit goes there this December.

“They [Signes de Nuit] [were] looking for films from all over the world that take a fresh look on critical situations (from a social, political, emotional, existential perspective) and that are interested in the current cultural and technological changes, and surprise in their innovative form of making. Breaks and changes were the subject of my LomoKino film, so my film fitted in quite well,” he added at length.

Credits: pmueller

Recalling his experience, Müller said, “It was exciting to see my little film on the big screen. And because the film is silent, it was nice to hear the audience react in a full movie theater. My film was the only silent contribution and it worked quite well on the big screen.”

As for aspiring filmmakers, Müller volunteered one advice: “I encourage all filmmakers to try to show their films in public. For a good film, you only need a capturing idea and a camera.”

After Signes de Nuit, “Eternity” is scheduled to be screened at the *12th Matsalu Nature Film Festival* in Estonia to be held in September 17-21, 2014. Meanwhile, one of his other short films, Melancholia, will also be showcased at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin in October.

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  1. chooolss
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    Thank you for sharing this awesome news with us @pmueller! :)

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    Wow, thank you very much!

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