My Day in Analogue: Lazy Summer Days at Home


Every summer, my soul screams for a lazy, hot day back at my parents’ home, for some good food, relaxation, and catching up with childhood friends. This year is no different, so I went back down to my small hometown in the very northeast of Belgium to enjoy a perfect laid back day doing nothing and everything. And of course, I brought my analogue cameras along to eternalize all of these small but grand moments in life.

The things I like to photograph most in summer are actually the little things in life which, especially in this time of the year, I can also appreciate the most – flowers, meals, cups of coffee, bare feet, or friends. So that’s just what I did on this beautiful summer day back in Belgium.

I love starting the day by having a cup of coffee in these beautiful mugs with my dear mommy, while enjoying the view of the fresh flowers on the kitchen table and on the terrace of our garden. The morning passes in peace, with us just waiting to have a delicious light lunch. The waiting preferably takes place at the hammock, where I occasionally fight with my brother-in-law as to who can crash there first.

In the afternoon I go to my friend’s place, where we often do some crafting in her garden during the summer. We started a small scale project which we like to call Lady Upcycle, which basically means we go to local thrift shops and buy incredibly cheap and cute stuff and give them new life. The fact that she has a swimming pool and an incredibly sweet dog called Levi only contributes to the creative process, of course!

At the end of the day, Levi always tends to get a bit restless and anxious to get out for his daily walk in the forest nearby. Since our hometown is so small and calm, he can spend all of his energy running, chasing birds, and taking a bath – together with us – in a huge, hidden lake in the middle of the forest.

After this we all get ready for a barbecue at another friend’s place, before going to a small but great festival called Fiesta Loca at someone’s backyard. Think great music, lovely people, delicious food and cocktails, and a lot of lights to lighten up even more the nights of this great summer spent in Belgium.

written by jokelangens on 2014-08-27 #lifestyle #summer #requested-post #my-day-in-analogue

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