Nebulae Doubles: The Sky Is Not The Limit!

2014-08-26 5

Who doesn’t love to shoot doubles? It’s all fun and satisfying to shoot some double or even multiple exposure photos and see how they would come out. In this simple tipster, I will show you how to take the multiple exposure game to the next level!

This is actually a simple trick that has been done by many lomographers before. There are a lot of techniques to achieve this result, but what I’m going to tell you now is the one that was taught by mjrothberg.

The trick is really simple: you just take some photos of nebulae or galaxies on your PC, then rewind the film and reload it to shoot the second layer. To make your day easier, here are some nebulae photos I used in my “experiment”:

Source: Google

Also, you have to remember some things when shooting the second layer:

1. Use a dark background if you want to shoot portraits.
2. Shoot 1 to 2 stops down in exposing the film.
3. Have a lot of fun!

Here are some of my photos. You can see more of it in my album.

Photos by abecd

There are a lot of techniques to get the same results, like buckshot ’s Andromeda trips. But I think the one by mjrothberg gave me the best results.

Lomo on!

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  1. chocochipcookie
    chocochipcookie ·

    Going to give this a try in a few days! Thanks for posting!

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Indeed, good results. And thanks for the mention! Number 12 of your Google-sourced galaxy images is actually the same one I used for my 'Chronicles' album:… :-)

  3. abecd
    abecd ·

    @chocochipcookie you're welcome! let me see the result!
    @buckshot haha yes, i did realized that when i wrote this article

  4. glenn
    glenn ·


  5. megzeazez
    megzeazez ·

    I did this about a year ago, loved the result!!…

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