The Very Beautiful Valletta


The Republic of Malta is the smallest country in Europe. It is also one of the most densely populated countries. This is Humilissima Civitas Valletta!

Valletta, Malta’s capital and a World Heritage site, is nothing short of an open-air museum. It is a living experience of Baroque architecture, a monument donated by the Knights of St John nearly five centuries ago. Throughout the years, Valletta has welcomed emperors, heads of state, artists and poets and is now the permanent seat of the Maltese government.

Dotted with quaint cafés and wine bars, the city is today one of Malta’s main tourist attractions, hosting among others, the majestic St John’s Co- Cathedral, the imposing bastions and a treasure of priceless paintings. It also provides a stunning snapshot of Malta’s Grand Harbour, often described as the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The city’s unique setting nowadays plays host to a series of cultural events, from theatre in English, to concerts by leading opera singers.

A hive of business activity during the day, the city switches to a slower gear for the night. Use it to your advantage to get away from the noise and take a stroll to admire the magic of the fortified capital amplified by the gentle lighting. Admire the bastion walls, the dense clusters of worn limestone buildings, the timber balconies, and imposing Churches.

Tourists always say locals of a certain place are always accommodating. Well, the Maltese (people from Malta) are not an exception. Warm smiles and random greetings await you on your journey to the rolling terraces of endless alleys. I was once shooting at some apartment balconies, trying to look for interesting subjects above the cobble-stoned paving. There an old man, was smiling at me – and told me to take a photo of him. Obligingly, i did. The photo turned out off-framed and under-exposed, but the story behind it had lots of meaning. These are some of the instances where we treasure our stories. Each photo should have one – and it’s not too late to share yours.

Malta… is a must visit.

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  1. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    Ooh - a toy museum :)

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    looks like a cool place to visit! :)

  3. carton
    carton ·

    I lived on Malta,it awesome place!!so many corners, so many places, so many objects, so many subjects, for visiting with some pare of comfortable shoes, water, lomography cams, hundreds of films and Malta is YOURS!!!
    LUV IT!!!!
    on Malta u can find Russian cars!))
    u can drink very fine and tasty wine, go to see ocean, quite possible u can see Africa))))with elefants, i tried to do it many times!
    oh!in Valetta- Malta EXPERIENCE film and T-shirts on the beach!
    nice photos!my Malta!)))

  4. veeliss
    veeliss ·

    I'm going there tomorrow and taking 3 lomos! :D

  5. stouf
    stouf ·

    Great gallery ! And nice text too !

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