Petzval Apprentice Winner: Puttavee Charoenwanthanang


Mokmax, or Puttavee Charoenwanthanang in real life, is our Petzval Apprentice Winner from Thailand. He talks about his Petzval experience and shares more of his photos in this exclusive interview.

Puttavee Charoenwanthanang

Name: Puttavee Charoenwanthanang
LomoHome: mokmax
Location: Thailand

Please tell us about yourself.

Just a normal office person who loves photography especially manual lens. I am fascinated in extraordinary bokeh from these kind of lens.

Do you shoot digitally, on film, or both? Do you have a preference?

Absolutely digitally. I use Canon60D and Sony Nex5R with lensturbo (for full-frame perspective)

How long have you been taking pictures?

Actually, I started to take photos about 20 years ago when I was child with no rule, no idea. It’s just to preserve memories. However, I made it my hobby about three years ago. It helps to keep in touch with my old friends, to open conversations with others, and last but not least to create beautiful photos.

What is your favorite Petzval and camera set-up?

I love using the Sony mirrorless (Nex5R) with lensturbo with the Petzval I like f2.8-plate! I think it’s fine for normal situation to maintain sharpness to photo and also swirl bokeh.

Any challenges you encountered while using the new Petzval Lens?

I found it hard to focus. I tried to create more area to blur and put impressive bokeh into my photo.

What do you like most about the new Petzval lens?

I’m reluctant to choose between the golden color or the swirly bokeh. At first when I used the new Petzval lens, I loved the swirly bokeh. After my lens had traveled on the streets and around the community, I realized that the golden lens is the best feature. Many pairs of eyes of men and women walking in the opposite direction look at my lens in wonder.

winning photo by mokmax

Tell us about your winning photo for the Petzval Apprentice competition.

That was taken on a Thursday afternoon when I took a vacation leave to attend the commencement day of my friend. After looking around, I found strange trees around this garden and walked directly to one of the trees. Waiting for the sun to shine after it hid behind a cloud, I took this photo by omitting the Rule of Thirds because the swirly bokeh helps in making the central of image prominent. In addition, the swirly bokeh is so attractive and distracts your interest.

In addition, there is a voice that interrupted before taking this shot. When I look towards the origin of this voice, I found a foreigner who’s eager to know about new Petzval in my hand. That’s great opportunity for a silent person to speak with others.

What advice would you give to new Petzval users?

Stick all plates to a keychain and have fun with fantastic bokeh.

Thank you to Puttavee for this interview!

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