Lomography Day Trips: Escaping the City to Lembang

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Lembang, a suburb above Bandung in Indonesia, is the best place to take a day trip because it is quite near from the city and has a relaxing atmosphere.

Lembang is suburb located precisely at the north of the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. Because it is located at a high location, the weather is very chilly, a favorite of the Bandungnese people.

Credits: hervinsyah

The first destination that I suggest you go to is Dusun Bambu, quite a new location perfect for families located at Cisarua.

Being close to nature, as well as participating in fun activities for kids, will make the stress brought upon by hectic urban life disappear.

I was surprised when, after enjoying sailing on the tiny lake, we were told that the cost of renting the boat was up to us. But please, don’t pay the boat man too little!

Our next destination was the legendary Bosscha Observatory.

The first observatory in Indonesia built by a Dutch tea plantation owner, Bosscha is the best place for those who love astronomy. But this place is open to the public only on Saturday mornings, so you might want to visit Bosscha first before going to another spot in Lembang.

You can see the huge telescope inside the main observatory. This place is also where the Bandungnese mainly go to when phenomena such as eclipses or full moon happen.

In upper Lembang is a place called Cikole. I love taking lomowalks by myself here. The country road atmosphere is very relaxing. Be prepared because there are a lot of unusual scenes to snap photos of, just like in the photo below.

Credits: hervinsyah

Our last destination was the most famous one in Lembang, the Kawah (crater) Gunung (mountain) Tangkubahan Parahu.

Credits: hervinsyah

You can enjoy the hot water here, which contains sulfur which is good for healing skin diseases.

Credits: hervinsyah

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  1. lazulilazuli
    lazulilazuli ·

    Wonderful article, love the fisheye photos!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Many thanks @lazulilazuli =)

  3. ari_ck
    ari_ck ·

    weeew jadi kepingin kesana :)

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Trims, mas @ari_ck tapi keto'e masih enakan di Malang, ga macet kaya di Bandung T_T

  5. ari_ck
    ari_ck ·

    hahaha iya sih mas @hervinsyah , ke malang sini mas ke batu banyak spot yg patut diartikel kan seperti ini :D

  6. eganq643
    eganq643 ·

    awesome panoramics

  7. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    thanks @eganq643 =)

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