Petzval Apprentice Winner: Borka Dickerson


Here’s an exclusive interview with Borka Dickerson, one of our Petzval Apprentice Competition winners.

Borka Dickerson

Name: Borka Dickerson
LomoHome: borkad
Location: United States

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Borka Dickerson. I am a 34-year-old pharmacist who grew up in South Africa. I moved to America seven years ago with my husband and that is when I started documenting our lives on “film”. My interest in photography increased since the arrival of our two children who are my constant inspiration. I have always been artistic and find that photography is a wonderful outlet for that side of my personality.

Do you shoot digitally, on film, or both? Do you have a preference?

I shoot digital.

How long have you been taking pictures?

8 years.

What is your favorite Petzval and camera set-up?

I use a Canon 5D Mark II. I love shooting wide open with my f/2.2 and f/2.8 I love the amazing bokeh.

Any challenges you encountered while using the new Petzval Lens?

I went through a learning curve initially to get the subject in focus but after a few tries I got more in tune with the lens and find it quite user friendly now.

What do you like most about the new Petzval lens?

The best way I can describe this lens is that it transforms a normal scene into a work of art.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful

Borka’s winning photo

Tell us about your winning photo for the Petzval Apprentice competition.

We took my son who just turned four to the river to play and skip stones. He spotted the dandelions and started blowing the seeds in the wind. The lens delivered amazing bokeh and captured this special moment.

What advice would you give to new Petzval users?

Once your subject is in focus move your body forward and backward a little while pressing the shutter multiple times. I find this helps with moving subjects.

Thanks, Borka for this interview!

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