My First Lomo Affair: pasadena85 and her Holga 120N

2014-08-21 6

Find out how the Holga 120N helped Ariane, or pasadena85 in our Community, rediscover the magic of analogue photography in this week’s My First Lomo Affair!

Ariane P. aka pasadena85

Name: Ariane P.
LomoHome: pasadena85
Location: Wuppertal, Germany

Please tell us more about yourself.

I am a geoscientist with special interests in sedimentology and (micropaleontology). Therefore, I collect stones, minerals, and fossils. I did this as long as I remember. I love reading and exploring my surroundings. I like hiking and going by subway. Unfortunately, my hometown doesn’t have a subway but a famous suspension railway or “schwebebahn.”

I am an incurable romantic and still believe in “true love.” I do have a lot of dreams like a backpacking tour around India or a roadtrip throughout United States. When I listen to music, I feel the desire to meet someone who feels the same as I do while listening to that songs. I am a little bit crazy. I think you simply can’t categorize me!

When was your first try of a Lomography camera or film? What product was it?

I do take analogue photos since I got a camera (a compact or point and shoot Braun Trend T camera) at the age of ten. I paused for a long time and went digital. I rediscovered it in 2013 when I won a gift card for a popular online shop. I wanted to buy a Lomography Actionsampler but it was sold out! This was the moment I discovered the Holga 120 N and fell instantly in love with the photos I saw on the internet. I love the idea of doing something extraordinary apart from the mainstream.

Some photographs from pasadena85's first two rolls with her Holga 120N

Was the Lomography product yours or did you borrow it from a relative or friend?

It was mine.

How was the experience? Any funny or strange occurrences?

First, I needed to search and find a store here in my hometown that sells 120 film. I got a Kodak Portra and then I started shooting. I got 5 out of 16 possible photos. Quite a good number for a beginner I think!

Have you used that Lomography product again? Why or why not?

Of course, I used it again! During my second lomowalk with this camera, I got really good results. Still, I prefer using 35 mm cameras and films though.

Photos from pasadena85's lomowalk with the Holga 120N

Can you share us your favorite or most memorable shot from that First Lomo Affair of yours? Why is this your favorite?

Credits: pasadena85

It’s the best shot from that roll and my first double exposure. It features my beloved Eiffel Tower poster. I would love to travel Paris someday.

How did it affect your love for Lomography/film photography?

Although I wasn’t convinced by lomography at that time, I just carried on because that’s what I do. I am a born fighter even if I struggle.

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  1. dopa
    dopa ·

    nice story an pictures, @pasadena85! I also have a Holga 120N in the shelf , but I simply prefer the Diana, but the Holga IS a nice camera in 135 AND 120 ;)

  2. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    Nice interview @pasadena85! Team Holga!

  3. pasadena85
    pasadena85 ·

    Thanks @dopa and @roxyvonschlotterstein !

  4. dopa
    dopa ·

    Team Holga? @roxyvonschlotterstein? I was hoping to get you over to the fellowship of the Diana...

  5. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    @dopa The fellowship of the Diana by JRR Tolkien? :) I like both (especially the Diana Glass Lens) but my heart is beating for all my Holga cameras.

  6. stacy_mcpommes
    stacy_mcpommes ·

    I'm with team Diana @dopa @roxyvonschlotterstein @pasadena85 - nonetheless cool interview and cool shots! :)

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