Snippets and Vignettes: Quirky .GIFS from The Smithsonian Libraries


Watch history literally come alive in these wonderful .gifs from the folks at the Smithsonian Libraries!

People tend to think of history as dull and, well, static, but the Smithsonian LIbraries just might change this longstanding perception with these works. Amid all the “semi-random stuff from the stacks of the Smithsonian Libraries” that can be found on their Tumblr page are a .gifs created using pages from centuries-old books!

These .gifs were created by Richard Naples of the Smithsonian’s Scholarly Communications Department. Most of the .gifs were animated to go with each image’s respective text, although there’s a handful of playful ones, too – such as this and this incorporated with the popular “Deal With It” and “Doge” memes, respectively!

To see more of these amusing .gifs, head to the Smithsonian Libraries’ Tumblr page!

All information in this article were sourced from The Smithsonian Libraries on Tumblr.

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