Daniel Sorine Shares Photographs of Young Robin Williams as a Mime


As the world grieves the death of prolific actor and comedian Robin Williams, photographer Daniel Sorine reveals a number of photographs taken in 1974, showing a pair of mimes hamming it up for the camera. One of them was Williams – only, Sorine was only able to realize this fact more than three decades later.

Photo by Daniel Sorine via Petapixel

Daniel Sorine revealed in an interview how he had stumbled upon *Robin Williams* and his fellow mime named Todd Oppenheimer, who he described as having displayed “an unusual amount of intensity, personality, and physical fluidity,” at Central Park in New York City.

Armed with a Pentax Spotmatic, Sorine said he approached the pair who allowed him to take photos “instead of me having to chase after them.” Back then, though, the photographer didn’t know who Williams was. The realization hit him only after about 35 years later when he looked at his old photos and negatives previously in storage.

Photos by Daniel Sorine via Petapixel

All information in this article were sourced from Petapixel.

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