Hack Your Color Splash Flash


Change out the standard two colors in your Color Splash with other color filters for a more customized color wheel. Just use caution.

Every person who is a Lomographer and has one of Lomo’s nifty colorsplash flash units knows that you can only change out two filters in the gel drum, while you are left with two seemingly permanent color gels. However, with a little elbow grease and caution you can change out those standby filters to something bold and powerful.

1. Remove the battery cover and batter from the flash unit along with the cover for the color gel drum on the flash.

2. Take a screwdriver of appropriate size and threading and remove the screw located on the bottom of the camera. Put it in a safe place because this little bugger is tiny.

3. Carefully with a flathead screw driver or knife, pry the opposite side (the side without any doors or buttons) off from the rest of the flash. Be careful! This side is hooked up to a wire and requires you to be gentle so you do not sever the wire from the battery contact located on this side of the flash. This side also has tabs that snap in place, so be sure not to damage any of those or you will not be able to properly reattach this side.

4. Gingerly use cavity where the battery is usually stored as a point of leverage to pry open the back half of the flash unit. Keep in mind you’ll be working around that wire attached to that one side, so take your time.

5. Now cautiously use the openings created by the back half being pried open to pry open the rest of the camera. The very front of the top half of the flash needs to be pulled straight up. Please note that when you are prying apart the front half of the camera you need to go slowly and pay attention to what you are doing so you do not disrupt any of the internal mechanisms of the flash because the top portion can catch on some of the components.

6. Now that the internal workings of the flash are exposed you can easily remove the color wheel that houses the color gels. It easily slides outward when pulled. Note here that if the power button also comes with it or falls off that you did not break the flash. The power button is merely held into place by the color wheel; just put it back on its tab before you reinsert the wheel.

7. Now that you have the gel drum (or wheel) you can remove the standard light blue and yellow color gels from the drum. At this point you can take what ever color gels you wish to use from the ones provided (or make them yourself) and remove the grab tabs from then with a knife. From here you can insert them in the place of the previously unchangeable color gels. Take your time with putting the new gels in because you have to make sure you put them back into the slots.

8. To reassemble the flash unit, reinsert the drum back into its proper place (over the power button [you can give it a few turns to make sure it works])and then snap the top of the flash back into place working from front to back. Remember to be careful in not disrupting any of the internal components.

9. Next you reattach the side with the wire by gently snapping it back into place. The wire should fold up naturally back into its proper place, but do pay attention to make sure it does, because you might need to push it back into the unit so you snap the side back into place.

10. Replace the screw in the bottom of the unit.

11. Finally you reinsert the battery, replace the door to the battery housing and the gel drum and you have your newly modified flash unit.

written by c41atomica on 2010-11-04 #gear #tutorials #color-gels #lc-a #tipster #modification #flash #color-splash


  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Very nice dude. I will plan to do this soon. Thanks for showing us

  2. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    thanks! I have a colorsplash Chakra edition and i've lost my extra gels! so i'm running on pink, blue and yellow.. do you have any tips for replacing them?

  3. in_search_of_answers
    in_search_of_answers ·

    good job, man!
    one remark for the instruction - it would be better for understanding if you would reffer to the photos while you descript operations.
    anyway, it's nice fix for colorsplash flash! i'll try to do it ;}

  4. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    I am normally not a hacker or DIY person but i tried this last night and it works because the instructions are quite easy to follow! I fixed back the flash without breaking anything.

    Only difficulty I faced is putting back the on/off switch as the little sponge contact needs to be positioned properly. I had to put back and take apart the flash several times just to get that part right. :)

  5. beni
    beni ·

    WAW great work dude

  6. rasand_
    rasand_ ·

    i tried it today and it works realy great.
    but i also hab a problem with the on/off switch.
    @erinwoodgatesphotography: maybee ou can ask lomgraphy if they replace them, or use any other colour transparency things and cut them in form :)

  7. kittylikescake
    kittylikescake ·

    Just used this tutorial for a second time to fix my splash - I have a problem where the gels keep coming loose inside the drum! I wouldn't have been able to fix my flash (both times) without this tutorial so thanks very much!

    I also experienced problems with the on / off button and the spring both times - a section on this difficulty in the hack would be an excellent and worthwhile addition!

    Thanks very much :)

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