Holga Noir

Get moody pictures with a Holga.

Don’t underestimate the abilities of the Holga in mixed lighting that tends to favor the dark. Load your Holga with 400 iso black and white film (for this picture i used 35mm kodak c-41 black and white film). Then when you find yourself in situations where the lighting might not be so proper, but you have the availability of street lamps near by, use the light provided (that means no flash, you flash hounds) and snap away. the overall look will provide deep black shadows and deep grays which give the image a film noir look.

Let’s face it, film noir style portraits done on something as the Holga are pretty kick ass.

written by c41atomica on 2010-06-04 #gear #tutorials #night #black-and-white #tipster #noir #holga #quickie-tipster #streetlight-tips

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