Summer Hot Spots: The Dreamy Desert of Palm Springs


With a camera loaded with Lomography X Tungsten 64 ISO, we went to Palm Springs in June to capture the desert heat and vibes. It was a battle to make it in the 40° scorching sun, and somehow our film survived although it was left baking in the car. So take in these dreamy snapshots of a place where time stands still and the sun always shines.

British Airways flew us to Los Angeles and a convertible Ford Mustang drove us out of town. It’s the only way to travel when doing Cali the right way. Although we spent a month on the road in the sunny state, Palm Springs was by far a highlight and only a couple hours drive from LA. Like going back in time on a ‘50s American vacation, there are nostalgic elements and retro signage everywhere you look. Right in the desert, a place we had never visited. It was a photographer’s dream, especially when captured on dreamy tungsten film.

We stayed at the Ace Hotel, which was a chilled hub of sunbathing, cocktails, and pool time. The only way to spend the day in a place where the sun always shines at a scorching temperature is under the shade or in the pool. But not ones to fear the sun, we took to the roads to cycle to the high street and visit the candy store, diner, and cinema in town. Afterwards, we cycled frantically back to jump straight into the pool.

It may have been hot but we were reminded each day by the Ace that “Everything Will Be OK.”

And yes, it was. Although it’s really hot in Palm Springs in June, we were there off season. Most people head there either at the start or end of the year when the weather’s more bearable. But either way, you should pop by Palm Springs if you’re heading to SoCal. It’s a dream vacation in the most classic of ways.

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