True Romance? The Lomography Cine200 Tungsten Film 35mm


Limited edition. Only 4,000 rolls available. What a way to tantalize the Lomographic community! But could a film billed as bringing back the “romantic experience of cinematic art” really live up to such a claim? Armed with just one roll of Lomography Cine200 Tungsten film, this skeptic had put it to the test.

Credits: myahcat

I used my roll of this specially-treated cine film in the LC-Wide – it made sense to load a cinematic film into a “widescreen” camera. I started during a sunny day in Kent, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the film did seem to add a sense of romance to the images. While the film is said to produce colors that pop, I found that the fine-grained detail had muted, almost pastel, suggestions in the tones. And that’s what creates the romantic feel. Even interior shots of the Rochester Cathedral had that unbelievable cinematic vibe.

Credits: myahcat

After testing the film in bright daylight, indoors, and without a flash, I needed to try a different lighting condition. I headed out to London’s Docklands on a gray day. Where’s the romance in that? Cine200 found it. The grey light became an enhancing silver glow and details were effortlessly reproduced.

Credits: myahcat

I didn’t expect to be seduced by a film, but the *Lomography Cine200 Tungsten 35mm* film lived up to the claims made about it. Now I have to content myself with images made by a lost love, a limited edition film that won my heart and exposed true romance.

written by myahcat on 2014-08-23 #gear #review #tungsten #requested-post #lomo-lc-wide #35mm-films #lomography-cine200-tungsten-film

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