LomoWall Your Likes: Let Me Try That Film!

2014-08-16 3

We are back with another round of LomoWall Your Likes!

Credits: lakandula

Do you have a film type or brand that you’ve been itching to try? Mine are the infrared red films from Kodak. I wish I could shoot with the fiery red tones of Kodak Aerochrome III and Kodak EIR but unfortunately, both have been long discontinued and the few ones available now are ridiculously expensive.

Some of you might be facing the same problem but don’t fret! Now is the perfect chance to get your hands on that dream film! Well, at least through the photographs of our fellow lomographers who are lucky enough to have used a roll or two of it.

For this month’s LomoWall Your Likes, all you need to do is think about what your dream emulsion is and start liking photographs taken with it! I did an example below made entirely of photographs taken with the Kodak Aerochrome III and Kodak EIR:

This simple task can make you 15 piggies richer so start crafting your entries now. Here are more details:

1. Start liking Lomographs taken with the film you wish you could try. You can use your whole Likes page for the rumble or if not, a minimum of 20 liked Lomographs are required.

2. Done and happy with the LomoWall in your Likes page? Then take a screen shot of it and submit it in our Submissions area below. Just don’t forget to include your LomoHome’s name in your screen shot.

3. One last step is to put the title of your LomoWall Likes entry in the comments section below. This is necessary to confirm your entry. For example, mine is “Girls in Infrared.”

4. You may submit up to three entries.

5. We will pick three (3) of the best looking LomoWall Likes page and we will be giving 15 Piggies for each. This rumble will run for two weeks.

Ready? Start liking those lomographs now!

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  1. kikifrenger
    kikifrenger ·

    1. Cine Movie Scene, 2. Colorful Paradies, 3.Viva La Fortia

  2. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    B&W Infrared with Kodak HIE www.lomography.com/magazine/competitions/2014/08/16/lomowal…

  3. simonesavo
    simonesavo ·

    Lomography RedScale XR 50-200 www.lomography.com/homes/simonesavo/photos/19938276

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