What Are Cameras Made Of? This Stripped and Cut Leica M3 Shows Us Exactly What


Want to see what a 16,000-dollar camera looks like? Take a peek here.

Camera designs and builds vary from use to preference. The simpler ones consist of no more than a light-proof box, a tiny hole and film inside to capture images while some cameras are more complicated like this clockwork number from *Kwang Hung Hyun*. Their bells and whistles may vary but they ultimately lead to one goal – taking photographs.

Stripped Leica M3 Image via PetaPixel

As far as camera gear worship goes, camera manufacturer Leica has established a steady following amongst photographers with their line of high-quality cameras. Case in point, the fan favorite Leica M3. This series of photos may make some photo buffs cringe at the site of a stripped and cut up M3 while some may be more than astounded by what goes on beneath the leatherette, lens and metal body.

Stripped Leica M3 Images via PetaPixel

It’s amazing to see the engineering poured into the camera. The relationship of each piece is of vital importance to the whole of the camera. Once something goes amiss, everything else follows. Drooling aside, this stripped Leica M3 is up for grabs for €12,000, more or less $16,000 on eBay by the Leica Shop in Vienna. A pricey conversation starter, won’t you say?

All information used in this article were sourced from The Phoblographer, Neotype Tumblr via PetaPixel.

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