Surreal-Looking Doubles Taken with Revolog Films


Bring your analogue adventures to greater heights by shooting double exposure photographs using these handmade emulsions!

Credits: sobetion, grindhousegirl, troch, lunt82, riotxriot, ciaorhiannon, toffeeish, tafa & blackfairy

Calling all adventurous lomographers: You can now choose from a wider array of *Revolog* films at the Online Shop! The Revolog films are not your usual 35mm rolls since each of them boasts of effects such as color shifts and gradients, lightning-like streaks, and scratches. Play around and incorporate the various effects of the different Revolog films to your shots, just like how our creative community members did in their photographs seen in this gallery post!

Head to the Online Shop now to stock up on film!

written by chooolss on 2014-08-15 #lifestyle #doubles #revolog #gallery-post

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