Sassy Mugshots of Female Criminals from the 1920s


These ladies are ready for their close-ups – too bad it’s for their mugshots!

Photo from the NSW Police Forensic Archive

Mugshots back in the day were very much different from those we know today. While the format is basically retained – two photos, one front-view and the other, side-view – the older mugshots looked more like fashion spreads from magazines! Criminals, both male and female, were usually photographed in suits and dresses. They were also allowed to pose however they pleased.

We’ve previously written about *mugshots* here in the magazine, though this time around, we’re putting the spotlight on these fearless femmes. Dressed in fancy hats, dresses, and even furs, these ladies look more like they’re off to a party or tea time with friends! These mugshots, taken during the 1920s, were from the NSW Police Archive.

Photos from the NSW Police Forensic Archive

Via NSW Police Forensic Archive and Messy Nessy Chic.

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