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Lose yourself in the dizzying streets, albeit in a good way, of our featured destination this week: Hong Kong!

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The phrase “East meets West” has been used to describe Hong Kong for the longest time, and rightly so. A former British colony, Hong Kong, despite its highly-urbanized economy and fast-paced lives of its citizens, remains rooted to its roots as seen through the many temples and other religious and cultural spots that stand alongside skyscrapers, high-rise apartment blocks, and other modern establishments.

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Exploring the streets of Hong Kong can be a heady experience with its myriad of shops that sell various things, as well as the hustle and bustle of the crowds. The more “touristy” activities include visits to places such as the Victoria Peak, the Tian Tan Buddha, the Avenue of Stars, Ocean Park, and Hong Kong Disneyland; shopping at the the Temple Street Night Market; and, of course, dining on sumptuous food! Raves have been given to its wonderful cuisine and street food, which includes your usual fare like dimsum, noodles and the more unusual ones, say, stinky tofu!

By nightfall, it seems Hong Kong only becomes more interesting, as neon signs and bright city lights are lit. Its skyline is one of the most famous and most beautiful in the world.

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Information in this article were sourced from Lonely Planet and BBC.

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