Holga 135BC

To tell you the truth, when LSI presented the Holga 135BC, I looked at it skeptically. I don’t know why but I didn’t like it at the first sight … but it was a different story, after some time.

One day I accidentally found a few really amazing photos on the Internet. The fill-in of the photo said that these were made using Holga 135bc. And I searched for more photos and all of them was really amazing. So my unaccountable distaste became the big love to this camera. One click second click third click in the Lomoshop- Holga 135bc here I come :)

And my opinion after few films were used with this camera? It is great! Yes, Lomoguys said true advertising with this camera. It is real classic Holga only in 35mm!

Deep inside I expected the result such as the Lomo LC-A camera but it is not the same thing. It is different and it has an individual look that no other camera can replicate. To summarize, it is a great product and I like it! Do you like it?

written by mantozauras on 2008-08-06 #gear #35mm #review #holga

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