Beautiful and Moody Portraits of Women by Andrea Buia


While other photographers strive to produce soft-toned photos for that dreamy, eerie effect, photographer Andrea Buia does it all using his film cameras and a unique aesthetic. (Some images are NSFW.)

In a world of post processing, it’s rare to see photographs that stand out without a little tweak here or there. Italy-based based photographer *Andrea Buia* is an exception because he does all the work in-camera.

Image by Andrea Buia

Exploring the different sides and representations of the female form, self-taught photographer Andrea Buia creates images that are beautiful yet surreal. Buia’s work is reminiscent of David Hamilton's wispy photographs from the 1970’s or Sally Mann's black and white portraits.

Images by Andrea Buia

The photographer plays around with different film, setting and lighting combinations which often render an ethereal quality to his photos. Buia creates images by paying attention to exposure, aesthetics and other factors instead of just snapping away. Each photograph is meant to communicate with the audience by means of moods and emotions.

You can see more of Andrea Buia’s work here and here.

All information used in this article were sourced from Empty Kingdom.

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