A Political Rally in Como

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In the week preceding the elections for the European Parliament, several political rallies were held in Como. As with all other public events in my city I documented one of these rallies, this time using a Russian film camera Zorki 6 loaded with a black and white film roll. Take a look!

In the weeks preceding the European Union elections, several political rallies were held in Como. I took a series of photos documenting it, just as I have done during other previous events such as sports, street parades, and carnivals. I used a Russian rangefinder camera, my old Zorki 6 loaded with Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Because I was not interested in advertising one party over another (I chose to remain neutral and focused only on the photographic narrative of the event), I’ll show you these images where you cannot find political symbols and logos.

Credits: sirio174

The rally was held at the main square by the lake, where the political sympathizers have installed some gazebos. The candidates present at the rally arrived here on a white van. This event was held in a peaceful and serene manner, without any tension.

Credits: sirio174

As you can see, there were no members of the police and barriers between the politicians and the audience.

Credits: sirio174

The hand gestures of the speakers emphasized their full commitment to the campaign!

Credits: sirio174

In an era characterized by the massive use of television for election campaigns, electoral meetings are still being held in the squares of the cities. Attended by less people now than in the past, they remain an interesting event to photograph. The choice of a black and white film has allowed me to give a “timeless” tone in this series of photos!

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