Mindbending EBS Photos Taken With Lomography Color Negative Films


Up for a little Lomo exercise? Then take on these EBS snaps as a challenge!

Credits: hodachrome

Lomographers always make ways to up the ante in their analogue adventures. Aside from film experiments like manipulation, masking, and cross processing, exposing both sides of the film is a great way to get magnificent results. It’s a good thing we have community members that can show us the way to brilliant photos done by exposing both sides of *Lomography Color Negative 400*, and *800* films. Check them out and learn a thing or two or just be plainly amazed!

Credits: hodachrome, marcinzk, antiox, modern_nmt, robertofiuza & buckshot

written by cheeo on 2014-08-12 #lifestyle #color-negative #400 #800 #ebs

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  1. draekko74
    draekko74 ·

    You are right. My mind is bent.

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