Summer With Your Shutter: Super Sunny Summer Tips

2014-08-15 2

It’s always summer where I am. Ah, the perks of living in Indonesia: it’s sunny here all the time. For me, summer happens all year-long here, so it won’t hurt to share some tips on shooting during this season.

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What’s a summer without selfies? Take your camera and bring it in front of you! Make sure to set the distance of your camera to the closest one so you can get sharp and clear selfies. And please forget the selfie stick for a while!

Credits: adi_totp


Don’t you think that summer is synonymous with blue skies? Bring your camera and point it to the sky! It’s like a celebration. Your camera, the sun, and skies. Shoot against the sun. Don’t be afraid – your Lomography cameras love the sun!

Credits: adi_totp


Sounds so obvious? Well, not really. What’s summer without playing on the beach? Bring your LC-A+ Krab or Fisheye Submarine, and splash, splash, splash!

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Whether you go to the beach with your friends or take a swim on your own, before you go further and take photos of yourself or your friends, be sure to put those summer smiles upon your faces! Because after all, God puts a smile upon our faces!

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Do you like wearing sunglasses, or perhaps you only wear them in the summer? Do you keep special sunnies for use only during this season? Wear it and be cool in those sunnies!

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To cap things off, I suggest using slide films. We are lomographers, and the greatest things in life come in the simplest forms. Just load your all-time favorite slide film into your trusty camera! If you’re using the LC-A+, set the ISO to 200. If you’re using the LC-Wide, set it to either 400 or 800. Don’t let your summer shots get overexposed!

Credits: adi_totp

These are just some quick tipsters for taking those summer shots. Go out and shoot while it’s summer!

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