You and Your Camera Winner Announcement

2014-08-12 2

You showed us how much you love your cameras! Now it’s time we showed you the winners for the You and Your Camera rumble!

Credits: mczoum

Quite some time ago, we put up this rumble to make you bond with your cameras and show us how in the You and Your Camera Rumble! It was a hard decision for us to pick out of so many camera selfies, which is why it took us so long! But here we are, proud to present analogue Photography at its best, namely with their creators themselves!

Our 1 grand winner of 30 Piggies is


Credits: badjuju

And the 5 winners of 10 Piggies each follow up!


Credits: orangebird


Credits: robertofiuza


Credits: susielomovitz


Credits: hburgess


Credits: jmcedo

Congratulations to our Winners! And stay tuned for more humble rumble fun!

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