LomoKino: Life in Moving Pictures!


I bought the LomoKino years ago, and since then I’ve been having great times with it. I will continue documenting my daily life with the LomoKino, which is Lomography in motion! You can see the movements and facial expressions of people – it’s priceless! Documenting life in moving pictures, the Lomokino can be used as a camera that not only shoots moving pictures but also works like the multi-frame wonder camera, Supersampler!

Credits: adi_totp

Long before I decided to buy the *LomoKino*, I had already talked to a great friend of mine about its functions and potential. He told me that the LomoKino is analogue photography, but with moving pictures! I became pretty convinced since we talked about the LomoKino again and again, so I finally gave in. Thanks, Anthony, for your wise words!

Anthony and Grace

Right after the LomoKino arrived at my house, I bought many color negative rolls just to try the basics of this camera. I read the manual (that’s the best part of trying a new camera, really!) and looked at the photos on the LomoKino book just to get inspired. So, here’s my first attempt! Pardon us for our disturbing silly faces!

When my little brother and I had a walk at the university, I decided to bring the LomoKino and record us. We had fun, but the people around us looked at us, probably wondering, “What the hell are they doing?” But I didn’t care because we were having fun. That’s the best part!

Credits: adi_totp

As I have mentioned, the LomoKino could also be used as a still camera. I shot a black and white roll with it. A bit experimental, yet I didn’t make a movie out of it.

Credits: adi_totp

As you can see above, you can shoot from the hip using the LomoKino. But what I love the most about it is the close-up button, with which I could shoot my subject from a distance of 0.6 m and shoot normally afterwards, with just a press of a button. It’s practical, really!

How about some some fancy footwork?

I want to film my everyday life, my next trip, my girlfriend, and just about everything around me. I’ve always wanted to use the LomoKino to document my everyday life: it could be in black and white or in crazy colors using slide film. There are so many things that I want to do with the LomoKino, but ever since I began working last year I have abandoned the LomoKino for six months. My homework is never-ending; I should stock up on a lot of expired films and shoot them using the LomoKino. The use of expired films in my LomoKino movies defines my work. It’s a bit dusty with scratches all over, but you can still see the moving pictures. And that’s what matters.


So what’s next for me and the LomoKino? It’s still a secret, but you’ll definitely see some lovely LomoKino movies from me soon!

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