Rollei Retro (35mm, 400 iso) user-review


Black White and Blue: Rollei Retro keeps it dusty!

Black White and Blue: Rollei Retro keeps it dusty!

The Rollei black and white gives me the blues because of the long wait i have to endure just to have it developed, although waiting 2 weeks to get the film back is kind of a time machine to my mom waiting for the prints to come back from Caldor’s. But once you get the film back, you notice 2 things that are a pleasure: first one is that at night with long exposures you get a very old time dusty feel, it is like a grey sepia for some reason. Another, the longer the exposure the dustier the feel however without the whiteout over exposure threat.

Day time shots have a clear sharp element with muted contrast (see dusty) that makes things look like a ghost town even with people around. I guess it is almost a pinhole feel. Oh and the fun thing that i forgot about this film is that if you don’t want to wait 2 weeks at your local Zair store to have this film processed, you can always get the home made development kit from LSI instead and rock out your own prints!

written by kylethefrench on 2008-07-31 #gear #rollei #review #retro #b-w

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