Agfa CT Precisa 35mm: Precious Slide Film for Taking Stage Photos

2014-08-14 2

The tones of this film are so unique, giving your stage photos a different vibe.

When I watched my favorite band Au Revoir Simone a few months ago, I shot them like crazy using so many films. One of the films was the *Agfa CT Precisa*, which was my last stock of this precious film.

Credits: hervinsyah

The Precisa is a good film to use under low light conditions or at nighttime, or in taking stage photos. I never realized that because I really love the results of this film whenever I use it during hot sunny days – that is, until I watched Au Revoir Simone perform and shot an entire roll of it that night.

Before Au Revoir Simone hit the stage, there was a fashion show for the Roberto Cavalli collection. Because a lot of the models were well-known, I decided to take photos of them.

The view of the sky at the Skye was so beautiful. The event happened at around sunset, but I decided not to shoot the view so I could keep my position near the stage to get as close as possible to my favorite band. It was also a blessing in disguise because during the fashion show, the models walked and stopped right in front of me.

Setting my aperture at 2.8 and slow shutter speed on my *Horizon Perfekt* made the sunset not appear as it did in reality. But the clothes of this model turned out very well, just like the usual x-pro color of the Precisa.

We all know that the Precisa’s tone is greenish, so it made the green clothes look good here.

Maybe I should set an aperture number smaller than 2.8 because the model’s faces turned out to be overexposed. It could also be because this ISO 100 slide film should be used at f/5.6 or f/8 when shooting stage photos?

But one thing’s for sure: shooting stage photos using this film gives them a different vibe. They appear like old, ’80s stage photos.

Don’t forget about the color yellow, green’s closest friend. This film also brings a good yellowish tone when shooting the stage.

So, grab this film if you have the chance and shoot awesome music events around your hometown.

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