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Check out roxyvonschlotterstein bag of analogue tricks for this week’s Show Your Stash!

NAME: Susann
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany
USERNAME: *roxyvonschlotterstein*

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Susann from Berlin, capital of Germany. I am working with a bank and in my spare leisure time I like to read, write, travel and take pictures. Analogue photography is my anchor to a fast moving digital world.

What have you got planned today and where are you going?

In July I will be on a weekend trip to Prague, Czech Republic with my family. My younger brother will celebrate his birthday there, and that’s the reason why we’ll heading to Prague. I have been to it a dozen times and I still love the city. For the first time I will picture Prague analogue only and – hopefully – mostly during sunshine, without tourist groups and a lot on medium format. Besides, I might have some Czech beer.

Please itemize everything and tell us why you’re bringing each of them. (Cameras, Film, Other Stuff/Miscellaneous)

The following items set my photo kit for this trip:


I generally use an ordinary back pack. I prefer backpacks over sidebags, it’s better for my back during sight seeing and city trips. Most of my cameras have their own carrying case, for the ones without it I bring little bags to protect the cameras so they don’t get damaged. Besides the backpack offers enough space for all of my other personal belongings I might need during the day.


Rolleiflex 3,5B – I can’t go on a trip without a medium format camera so I carry my new but old Rolleiflex 3,5B with its leather carrying case, lens hood and H1 filter. It’s a heavy one but I love it. I bought it second hand recently and felt in love with it immediately after just one film roll. Actually I wanted to carry my Lubitel 166+ but I changed my mind in favor of this vintage camera. The Rolleiflex can’t do double exposures but the brilliant working film transport is worth the weight.

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

LC-Wide and LC-A+ – The LC-A+ is usually with me and I don’t need to tell you about the many reasons why; we all love our LC-A’s. The LC-Wide is brand new, so I want to try it in the wild. At the moment it’s loaded with Kodak BW400 CN which is the film I will swap with lomo friend *trash-gordon-from-outer-space* after returning home which will hopefully work well.

I shot a film roll of Adox Colour Implosion with the LC-A+: pretty nice results but I hoped for a bit more of 70s flair.

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Besides the film I prepared for the film sway I shot a film roll of Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 (ISO set to 100) with the LC-Wide. I expected a lot from the film, like my lomo friend *freakoftheweek* showed on his Paris photos, but my shots are very blueish and overexposed. LC-Wide and Sunset Strip might not be the best combination. Better luck next time.

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Horizon Perfekt – For the first time I am taking it beyond the border of Berlin. I expect some great panorama shots from it but my skills with the camera are still very low so I need some more practice.

I combined the Horizon Perfekt with Redscale XR 50-200, Kodak BW400 CN, Agfaphoto APX 100, Fujichrome Velvia 50, Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 and Lomography CN 400. The Velvia and Lomo Slide shots are overexposed, I love how the Redscale turned into deep yellow, orange and red shots (just ignore the blue lines and dots), but the self developed black and white panoramas are my favourites this time.

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Fuji Instax Mini Neo Classic 90 with close up lens (which I guess I will not need but you’ll never know). I want my little brother to have some pictured memories of his birthday right away.

Prague on Instax looks very great, don’t you think?

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein


No matter where I am going, I carry too many film rolls with me, each and every time. Despite the fact that I know I won‘t need every single one, I pack one of every kind for every possibility. That means ordinary color negatives ranging from 100 to 800 ISO as well as different black and white rolls and a few types of slide film. Besides I enlarge my film package with special films and instax.

The following film rolls will be in my backpack:

Medium format
Fomapan 100, Fujifilm Pro 100, Fujicolor Superia 100, Kodak BW400 CN, Fujichrome T64 (expired), 2 pieces of Lomography Earl Grey 100, Lomography Lady Grey 400, Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400, Lomography X-Pro Slide 200, Fujichrome MS 100/1000, Rollei Retro 400, Lomography CN 100, Lomography CN 400, Lomography CN 800, Lomography Redscale 100, Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

Kodak BW400 CN, Fujichrome T64 (expired), Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400, Agfa CT Precisa 100, Fujichrome Velvia 50 (expired), Agfaphoto APX 100, Lomography CN 100, Lomography CN 400, Lomography CN 800, Lomography Lady Grey 400, Lomography X-Pro Slide 200, Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100, Lomography Redscale XR 50-200, Adox Color Implosion, cheap 200 ISO Color Negative from drugstore, selfmade Redscale

as well as a double pack Fujifilm Instax Mini


Light meter, gorillapod, cable release, spitzer, close up lenses, tunnelvision lens, format mask, spare film spool, pen, marker, lighter with mini lamp, tape, notebook, spare battery, microfiber cleaning cloth, zipper plastic bag, small cotton bag.

Other Stuff/Miscellaneous:

Sunscreen, refreshing body spray, lip balm, hand-held fan, hat, sunglasses, scrunchies, recently released Prague tourist guide, book, iPod, humbug, snack apricots.

Thanks to *roxyvonschlotterstein* for showing her stash and sharing snapshots from her analogue adventure!

Wanna show off your stash? E-mail with your analogue essentials and you could be our next featured film photographer!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful interview, collection, and gallery!!

  2. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    @herbert-4 thank you.

  3. nia_ffm
    nia_ffm ·

    Love your stash, @roxyvonschlotterstein!

  4. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    @nia_ffm :* meine Liebe!!!

  5. gepo1303
    gepo1303 ·

    Schöner Bericht, heavy bag ;-) Ich hatte übrigens vor ein paar Wochen ja auch mein Porträt in dieser Artikel-Serie...

  6. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    @gepo1303 ich weiß, ich sag nur Ásgeir!

  7. -viv-
    -viv- ·

    Wie toll und interessant was du so mit dabei hast! Und du hast eine tolle Tasche für die LCA weist du noch wo du sie her hast oder ob es sie noch gibt? Meine bräuchte nämlich auch dringend Schutz und ich bin verzweifelt auf der Suche....

  8. -viv-
    -viv- ·

    ... okay gefunden... auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn ;D))

  9. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    @-viv- yay! schade nur, dass die Nieten der Tasche die LC-A etwas 'beschädigen' oder besser abreiben an den Stellen wo sie auf die Kamera treffen.

  10. an4
    an4 ·

    am besten sind die Pfeffis auf dem letzten Bild!
    und die Niete ist ist wirklich an der falschen Stelle. Anstatt die Kamera zu schützen macht die Tasche an dieser Stelle nur Schaden!

  11. an4
    an4 ·

    Hier noch einmal ein Lob für die Pfeffis. Aber jetzt ohne Tipfehler!

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