Most Popular LomoWalls of July 2014

2014-08-09 5

Select a part of your canvas and fill it with your favorite photograph. Repeat this step until you have the perfect LomoWall that reflects your creative self!

Curating LomoWalls is undeniably one of the coolest part of having a LomoHome. Why? It puts the spotlight on your best photographs while turning them into imaginative decor for your humble analogue home!

To get you started on designing your own, here are July 2014’s best and most well-designed LomoWalls where you can draw inspiration from:

kiss me or the lipstick / 吻我或唇膏。 by sadiestoker

Poppy Love <3 by mafiosa

In The Middle of Nowhere by atropaworkshop

Holga Tree by akula

BC Walk by llcooldawe

Annie Hart by hervinsyah

Farm - Pinhole by akula

Observe by fadjaradiputra

patriots... by jimjimm

poing poing by sommarboken

#13 by heyfrida

Bellingham by clickiemcpete

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to these lomographers for having our Most Popular LomoWalls of July 2014!

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