Top Five One-Shot Music Videos

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Prepare to have your socks blown off by these elaborate one-shot videos!

Not all of us might have already directed music videos, sure, but just imagine just how challenging filming a one-shot video could be. One can never predict what could happen in the three to five minute time frame that a video is being filmed – the actors or musicians could make a blunder, props or parts of the set design might fall off or something, other technical difficulties may arise – in which case filming has to start from scratch all over again. Bummer, but definitely worth it in the end.

One can find many one-shot videos out there if only they’re observant enough, most of them usually just a long take following the movements of the subjects in the video. However, in this list we’re including, in no particular order, five one-shot videos that looked just a little more complicated to make.

Take a look at our picks below; if you’ve got anything more to add to this list, then feel free to do so in the comments section below!

Video via whitestripes on YouTube

“The Denial Twist” by The White Stripes
Directed by Michel Gondry

Starring alongside Jack and Meg White is renowned TV host Conan O’Brien, who guests them on his late night show. The NBC Studios, streets of New York, and the duo’s home are recreated in an anamorphically-adjusted set with their appearances getting distorted every now and then. Offbeat, just what you’d expect from prolific French filmmaker Michel Gondry.

Video via FeistVEVO on YouTube

“1, 2, 3, 4” by Feist
Directed by Patrick Daughters

Feist’s music video for “1, 2, 3, 4” is a visual treat with its bright colors and synchronized dancing. The camera movements are pretty amazing, too, as it not only shoots from the ground but also high up to capture formations done by the singer and her backup dancers!

Video via Warner Bros. Records on YouTube

“Sugar Water” by Cibo Matto
Directed by Michel Gondry

As if filming a single one-shot video isn’t difficult enough, things here are upped a notch by having two, both of which are connected to the other. Again a work by Gondy, one runs in real time while the other in reverse, and then switches midway – resulting in a surreal, memorable work.

Video via emimusic on YouTube

“Happiness” by Goldfrapp
Directed by Dougal Wilson

The young man in white that this music video follows perfectly epitomizes “Happiness” as he’s one who goes around town with a bounce in his step – literally! The music video is dreamy and quite infectious – chances are you’ll be all smiles by the time you finish watching it!

Video via OK Go on YouTube

“This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go
Directed by James Frost, OK Go, and Synn Labs

The general consensus about science projects is that they are tedious to do, but this video by OK Go, well, indeed proves this sentiment yet at the same time makes it look so cool. That apparatus featured alongside the band is called the Rube Goldberg machine, which is defined by the Webster’s New World Dictionary as “a comically involved complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation.” It took the team an estimated 60 takes before the whole thing was perfected!

Going back, OK Go has a couple more videos done in the same jaw-dropping vein: “The Writings On The Wall” and “Here It Goes”.

This list was inspired by Big Stock’s 13 Insanely Complicated One-Take Music Videos article. Meanwhile, information in this article were sourced from Wired, Synn Labs, Mute Records on Vimeo, The Mill, and MTV.

Cover image via whitestripes on YouTube.

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