Holga Sampler


Snap all of those actions that unfold in front of you with your Holga! See how it can be done with this Tipster!

Just follow these steps!

  • Get a Holga and remove the 12 frame mask
  • Cut out a mask like in the diagram with a piece of dark coloured cardboard
  • Place it in your Holga before the film and shoot! After you shoot the last frame, don’t forward the film. Remove the film in the darkroom and wind it back for the second exposure.
  • Rotate the mask to the other side as seen in the diagram, load the previous film and shoot again!

And here are the results! Happy Holga-sampling!

written by molotovcoketail on 2010-04-19 #gear #tutorials #tips #tipster #holga #sampling #holga-book #quick-tricks-for-your-holga

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