Lauren King Combines Graphite Sketches with Vintage Photographs to Form New Images


Have you ever looked at a photograph and wondered what lies beyond it? Take a look at this series of illustrations by artist Lauren King, who extends what can be seen on vintage photographs by adding graphite sketches, after the jump!

Photos by Lauren King via Beautiful Decay

In the past we’ve seen many artists breathe new life into old photographs and create art that’s their own. Now, an addition to the list is Lauren King, who seemingly completes the scene captured on a vintage photograph by putting it in the middle of a paper and making sketches outside the borders of the photo using graphite.

The resulting images would’ve looked seamless if not for the white borders around the photographs, but are imaginative all the same. The sketches alone are noteworthy for being detailed.

Have a look at some of her works below!

Photos by Lauren King via Beautiful Decay

All information in this article were sourced from Beautiful Decay.

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