Holga Flashing

Here’s proof that the Holga’s built-in Colorsplash is an indispensable part of the camera! – You might think it’s a joke to put on a little flash in Holga’s rather bulky plastic body, actually it’s the crowning glory where this camera gets it pride!

The flash on the Holga isn’t as useless as it looks! Team it up with some x-processing and you’ll get some really strong vignetting bringing you right in the picture. It is also useful as a fill-in flash as shown in the image where the girl was shot with her head directly in front. of the sun – I turned the flash on to make sure detail in the subject wasn’t lost to a silhouette.

written by johnnyholga on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials #sun #tips #tipster #flash #holga #quickie-tipster #holga-book #quick-holga-tips-part-3

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