Plus J’embrasse, Plus J’aime Embrasser - A Show by Miss Marion


Our very own LomoAmigo, Miss Marion – a burlesque artist from Paris – invites you to take a peek into her world of dreamy Diana pictures with her first exhibit!

A year ago, our medium format queen Diana F+ met an equally creative beauty, Miss Marion, a burlesque artist from Paris. Ever since the Colette x Lomography collaboration (Dianalogues Part 1), Miss Marion has been using the Diana camera. Now she invites you to take a peek into her Diana world with her very first show – Plus j’embrasse, plus j’aime embrasser.

Miss Marion’s artistic practice is devoted to the exploration of female archetypes in Hollywood films from the 1920s to 1950s. She has been doing so since 2005, decoding the Sex Symbol myth, from pop era Pin-Up to film noir Femme Fatale, through performances, happenings, object installations, photography, video and collage. Baring her own body, fully or partially, allows her to evoke the notion of voyeurism and to question the artist’s presence/absence in relation to the viewer’s submission to her domination. For the first time, this show integrates thought on the vulnerability generated by such control taking.

Visit the following links for more info:
Miss Marion's official website
Twitter: galerie_labank

Read about Miss Marion’s LomoAmigo profile here!

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  1. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great shots

  2. sdzn
    sdzn ·

    vraiment vraiment top comme photo :)

  3. imisoojun
    imisoojun ·

    Love it, love love love it.

  4. aidanna
    aidanna ·

    love these shots!

  5. fookshit
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