Snippets and Vignettes: The GIF Connoisseur


Fancy some artsy looping .gifs, messieurs and mademoiselles? This dapper gentleman surely knows his .gif art!

*The GIF Connoisseur* is more than just your usual curated Tumblr blog of .gifs – there’s actually a man in a suit holding a matching fedora and a cane (or could it be an umbrella?) behind his back in every .gif, as if in a museum and pondering on the meaning of each larger-than-life looping art before him.

If the scene looks familiar, yes, this “connoisseur” is actually the man from “The Connoisseur,” a painting by Norman Rockwell in 1962. The anonymous blogger who runs the website wrote,

Norman Rockwell made the painting “The Connoisseur” in 1962, remixing a Pollock to express the impenetrable membrane between Modern Art (specifically Abstract Expressionism) and his “low” illustrations. The work was possibly the spawn of a frustrated curmudgeon, but I can’t help but empathize with the motivations of the fictional artist dreamed up by Rockwell and the critical analysis that the possible patron is making. I believe Rockwell’s painting captures the moment in which something becomes Art.

So far, The GIF Connoisseur hosts close to 400 .gifs! Click here to see the rest!

All information in this article were sourced from The GIF Connoisseur via Ufunk and The Daily Dot.

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