Wonderfully Warped Spinner Panoramas Courtesy of the Motorizer


Pair your Spinner 360° with the Motorizer for those fun and trippy panoramas. See a few samples taken by your fellow lomographers right after the jump!

Credits: lomography-echegaray, lawypop, nural, cyanwater, youthlessss, saidseni, yoshing & hanshendley

Spinner shots not wild enough for you? Enlist the *Spinner 360° Motorizer* for some more experimenting! With a press of the button on the remote control, you can alternate between taking your usual and trippy panoramas both indoors and outdoors – just like the ones in this gallery!

Head to the Online Shop now to grab your own!

written by chooolss on 2014-08-04 #lifestyle #lomography-spinner-360 #spinner-360-motorizer-accessories

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