The Agfa Clack: Ye Olde Film Eater

2014-08-09 1

My passion for old and analogue cameras hadn’t stayed unnoticed among my friends and acquaintances. Which is why I’ve received cameras as gifts for many times now. My Agfa Clack is an example. It’s about 60 years old, fully functional, and a real film eater.

Credits: dermanu

The Agfa Clack uses the 6×9cm negative format, which means on a regular 120 film you only get eight shots. It will really make you think on which photos to take. Since its lens’ focal length is 95mm, it is still considered to have an objective in the “normal” range. The optics are so simple that the film plane needs to make a curve to compensate that. It’s in fact just a simple lens: from 3m to infinity, everything is sharp (well, more or less); for close-ups between 1.5m and 3m, you can switch to the close-up lens by adjusting the lever for the aperture. You will find just two settings there: “cloudy” (f11) and “sunny” (f16). The close-up lens is also at f11. There is another model in this range with a yellow gel filter in front of the f16 aperture, which my Clack doesn’t have. The shutter speed is 1/35s and there is a bulb mode. My cam also came with the original carrying case; too bad it’s not in mint condition anymore.

Credits: dermanu

For the first test I used a Lomography Redscale XR 50-120. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy that day. But I was still able to produce some nice shots.

Credits: dermanu

When the camera was originally built there were no high speed films available, so it’s determined to work with ISO 50 films. But even with ISO 100 or higher, you could get quite good results.

Credits: dermanu

The handling is even easier, just as with the Holga or the Diana.

Credits: dermanu

Last year I took my camera to Berlin on a sightseeing tour.

Credits: dermanu

The Agfa Clack is lightweight, easy to operate, and knows some lomographic tricks (multiple exposure, bulb mode). She takes good photos, too. Nevertheless, it is a little film eater (only eight shots per film) but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it’s quicker for you to try out different film types. I never regretted having gotten her as a present. It is one of my favorite cameras up to this day!

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    It's a classic. enjoy her.

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