My New Point-and-Shoot Buddy: The Konica POP EF-7


Any day becomes instantly better whenever someone hands you a film camera because they know you’ll put it to good use. So you can just imagine how giddy I was when a friend handed me a Konica POP EF-7 just last week.

No matter what kind of camera it is, there’s always this air of analogue charm that surrounds it. It can be a vintage camera or a lightweight plastic shooter – you still feel great whenever you’re given one for free.
A few good friends came by the house for some food and drinks last weekend and we had a great night. But aside from the obvious good time I had from boozing and dining all night with good company, I was lucky enough to have an unexpected visitor knock at my door.

My good friend Dani said he had a surprise for me and true enough, I was jumping all over the place when he handed me a film camera. He said that it was almost brand new and indeed it was. It was a Konica POP EF-7 in almost mint condition. It was still in its original plastic wrapping and it smelled like it was straight from the box.

He said that his older sister wanted to sell the camera but instead of letting her do that, he thought of loaning it to me and see if the camera still worked. He also said that he would be happier if I get to use the camera since they already transitioned to using digital cameras in their household anyway.

After a quick handshake and a pat on the back, I was all over the EF-7. I was ecstatic when I got hold of it. It’s pretty solid for its appearance. The body is painted gold, too regal a color for me but I find it classy. It has a motor drive for advancing and rewinding film. It also has a red eye reduction feature and a built-in flash. It runs on two AAA batteries

Sorry about the product shots. I took the pictures while I was at the Lomo office in Manila.

The viewfinder is clear and big enough to accommodate a wide view of your subject. The lens cover automatically switches on the flash with a quick flick of your finger. The LED on the back of the camera lights up when your flash is ready to go. I just catch myself smiling whenever I hear the humming of the charging flash.

I currently have a roll of Fuji Superia X-tra 400 film in the EF-7 and I can’t wait to finish it and have it processed. I’m in love with the whirring sound of the drive motor. Now I know what shooting with a motorized point-and-shoot camera feels like. And might I say, it’s a pretty satisfying feeling whenever I hear the clack of the shutter and the busy whir of the motor. Music to my ears!

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