Spruce Up Boring Old Walls with Used Film Rolls


Decorate plain walls at home or at work using something close to your heart – used film rolls! Not only do they look great on your wall, you also get to show off your collection of used film rolls!

Sometimes, I wonder if I buy various types of film because I want to experiment with different tones and saturation or simply because I love the designs on different film rolls.

No matter the answer, if you’re just like me – with over a hundred used film rolls just stuffed in a box and hidden in a corner of your room and collecting dust, then read on!

By now, we’ve all seen USB film rolls, film roll key chains, film roll magnets… why not use film rolls to decorate your walls as well? You get to flaunt your extensive collection of different types of film from all the different brands out there. When your friends come over, they’ll see your awesome Revelog Tesla that you painstakingly spent one week’s allowance on sticking to your wall instead of seeing just a dark and lonely corner. Plus, we’ve all got that one plain wall that we have no idea what to do with – so what are you waiting for? Spruce it up!

What you’ll need:

  • Used film rolls
  • Tack-it, blu-tack, or any other reusable adhesive that will not damage your wall
  • Inspiration on how you want the end product to look

First up, visualize the shape you want to form with your film rolls. Got that in your head already?
Good! Now get those dusty ol’ film rolls out from hiding.

Hand-pick the special film rolls you’d like to highlight. I used 24 rolls for mine, which ended up about 10 inches x 12 inches big.

If you want the end product to look colorful, try to pick film rolls of various different colors. Or, you can do the opposite and only pick film rolls of one specific color.

Next, pinch a moderate amount of blu-tack and roll it into a worm-like shape with your fingers. It should be long enough to cover your film roll like this.

Also, don’t be stingy! Using too little tack-it will stretch it out and your film rolls may not stick to the wall securely enough.

Now you can start sticking ’em film rolls to form the shape that you want!

Once you’re done, look back and admire your work of art. Don’t forget to take photos!

I chose to decorate my wall with “Y4” as my initials are YYYY.

All the best, and I’d love to see photos of how your film roll wall decor looks!

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