Superb Double and Multiple Exposure Shots Taken with the LC-A Instant Camera


Shoot all the doubles and MXs you want in a jiffy courtesy of the LC-A+ and the Instant Back! Have a look at sample shots taken by your fellow community members after the cut!

Credits: roxanneross, sarahandsarah, opon21, espiadimonis, johnccc, daforl, keni, a10101100 & fafascinado

The *LC-A+* holds a special place among the arsenal of film shooters, and for good reason. For something that’s uncomplicated to use, the LC-A+ delivers lomographs with vibrant colors and saturation. There’s the MX function for creative analogue experiments, too! And with the *Instant Back*, users get all these awesome features in instant format.

Love these LC-A+ features but are more of an instant photography aficionado? Meet the new *LC-A+ Instant Camera*! Get creative in an instant with all those classic LC-A+ features, plus with the use of accessories such as the Splitzer, Wide Angle Lens, and Colorsplash Flash! Oh, and if ever you get the itch to shoot in good old 35mm format, simply attach the included 35mm back to your camera and start snapping away!

Snag your very own LC-A+ Instant Camera now!

written by chooolss on 2014-08-01 #lifestyle #mx #doubles #lc-a-instant-back #gallery-post #lc-a-instant-camera

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