The White Stripes and Lomography: Under Great White Northern Lights Competition Winners!


It was a tough decision, but we have our winners!

Just over a month ago, Lomography teamed up with The White Stripes present the Under Great White Northern Lights competition. With over 1100 entries to look at, we have finally found our winners!

Before we announce the winners, let’s take a look again at the great prizing!

Grand Prize Winner:
Under Great White Northern Lights box set
Limited Edition Rob Jones Under Great White Northern Lights silk screened poster
Holga Jack Edition
Diana Meg Edition
Limited edition 3-button set made from The White Stripes custom tartan

First Runner Up:
Under Great White Northern Lights box set
Holga Jack Edition
Diana Meg Edition

10 x Second Runners Up
Under Great White Northern Lights DVDs

5 x Honorable Mentions
Under Great White Northern Lights live CDs

And now our winners!

Grand Prize:


First Runner Up:


10 Second Runners Up:


5 Honorable Mentions


If you are one of the winners above, please email your mailing address to

Thank you to everyone who entered, it was tough to pick the winners!

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  1. rater
    rater ·

    Wooooooo, great winners, congratulations to all!!!!!!

  2. cruesi
    cruesi ·

    wow! congrats to all winners!

  3. amsyarhilman
    amsyarhilman ·

    Congrats to the winners !

  4. disdis
    disdis ·

    Congrats to all of you! Great winners!

  5. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Great pictures o_O

  6. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    Awesome. I'm stupid. I thought they had to be pictures of actual northern lights... Ha ha

  7. dogma
    dogma ·

    Great shots! Congrats guys!

  8. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    great job winners!! congratz!!

  9. novakmisi
    novakmisi ·

    congrats, bravo !

  10. quisp
    quisp ·

    Wow. That is the reason why I love Lomography. Just briliant.

  11. catarella
    catarella ·

    wow! Really beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  12. torium
    torium ·

    I love specialblewah's shot !

  13. emilios
    emilios ·

    Wow...congrats to everyone. Perfect selection!

  14. copefan
    copefan ·

    I got an Honourable Mention how cools that!
    thank you my Lomo friends.....

  15. stouf
    stouf ·

    kylethefrench worked for it, he deserved it !!! :) Congrats all !!! Ho another award for sumlom's shot !!! Yéééé !!!

  16. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    OMG!!! What a wonderful collection of pix... I like :)

  17. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Congrats to all, superb shots!!!

  18. goldie
    goldie ·

    Gongrats, well done, awesome pics from every one - hands up

  19. workerbee
    workerbee ·

    just knew kyle would win with that photo.

  20. erikamentari
    erikamentari ·

    totally rad! congratulations to the winners!

  21. emma-sailor
    emma-sailor ·

    well done, nice pics, but boo to the same people winning all the things all the time.

  22. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Damn. Had my hopes up for this one.

  23. wherearemysunglasses
    wherearemysunglasses ·

    Congrats to all, beautiful photos - great inspiration! P.S. Love you White Stripes.

  24. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Congrats to all!

  25. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    totally touched, it was really awesome to have the opportunity to make something new for a contest, that is the best thing about this place and place i have a total heart on for the white stripes.

  26. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Hellsyeah frenchy. Knew you had it in you. Congrats to everyone else...I think sumlom can now retire that shot as it's won so many contests, haha...although I guess that's the point.

  27. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    all winners' photos are great. @kylethefrench's is totally awesome. CONGRATS to all!!!!

  28. takezzo
    takezzo ·

    they all deserve... great shots!!

  29. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    WOW!!!congrats to all!!!wah sumlom...represent!! and JB...congrats my friend! :)

  30. day3hugger
    day3hugger ·

    yawwwza!!!!!!!! congrats to all the runners up :)

  31. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    awesome gallery! congrats to the winners!!!!

  32. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    Mad cool entries! Congrats! Big congrats to all.

  33. shunzi
    shunzi ·

    Awsome collections. Congrats to all.

  34. treehugger419
    treehugger419 ·

    Congrats to all!

  35. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    WOW!! Congrats all !!

  36. yarah
    yarah ·

    great winners!! beautiful photo's!!! congrats!!

  37. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    oh my god, i am blown away by that collection of images - awesome awesome awesome shots! any chance we can get a poster with all the shots on?

  38. mr_sid
    mr_sid ·

    Gret photos, congrats to the winners!

  39. runefox
    runefox ·

    Great pics! grats to all the winners

  40. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    Wow - what a gallery. Pleased as punch for my honorable mention!
    Kylethefrench - Congrats man. Amazing shot!

  41. violhaine
    violhaine ·

    Those lomographs are just incredibly beautiful!!

  42. satomi
    satomi ·

    This must have been the easiest competition to choose the grand winner...I think we all knew Kylethefrench was gonna win! Congrats to all and thank you for the honorable mention!!!

  43. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    PS. I know this is a barefaced cheek but can we have some piggies too?!!!

  44. neja
    neja ·

    well done everyone!!!

  45. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    crazy selection!

  46. huge666
    huge666 ·

    All of these shots are effing awesome....!!! well done everyone =D

  47. zz
    zz ·


  48. sp1rt
    sp1rt ·

    yaaahooo! thanks and congrats to other winners!
    it's my first win on :)

  49. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    congrats kyle and all winners, fantastic shots!

  50. daredeye
    daredeye ·

    nice gallery, congrats to the winners!

  51. pona311
    pona311 ·

    These are all amazing! Congrats!

  52. elede
    elede ·

    Wow... Runner Up! I keep getting surprised by this website.

    and Kyle! you deserve it.

  53. ahleng90
    ahleng90 ·

    congrats winners!wonderful lomos!!

  54. flanflipflop
    flanflipflop ·

    kylethefrench awesome. got a runner up get in!

  55. adamo-75
    adamo-75 ·

    Well done to y'all! Great shots!

  56. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    lovely photos! congrats to all the winners! :)

  57. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Well-deserved kyle!!! And congrats to everybody!! =))

  58. whathaveicreated
    whathaveicreated ·

    cool cool stuff!

  59. kutshie
    kutshie ·

    congratz to all of you!! Awesome work,all well deserved!

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